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November 30, 2023
The pizza would have been better if they had cut the green peppers smaller and put less on. As it was it seemed like they used an entire green pepper on each pizza and it took away from the flavour. Also not sure why they are Called 2 for 1, you get $8 off the second pizza so definitely not 2 for 1.

October 27, 2023
Speedy. Excellent ingredients. Perfectly baked.

October 25, 2023
Our pizza was 30 minutes late. When I called after it was 10 Mins late, they said that the driver had just left. I called again, and they said, "Well, he had another order to deliver." The driver showed up 15 minutes later. The pizza was not hot.

October 15, 2023
The pizza was tasty. However I asked for no olives and got lots. And there was meat on my vegetarian pizza

September 25, 2023
Great service and excellent pizza! Thanks!

August 18, 2023
The pizza is really good IF you can get it. The online ordering system rarely works. Then you try to call and no one answers. The only way to place an order is in the store and then you wait 30 - 40 mins. I don't usually have the time so I pick up food from somewhere else. It's unfortunate since I do really like the pizza.

July 15, 2023
Friendly staff, good pizza! It’s always a hit for a meal days that I don’t feel like cooking :)

June 02, 2023
They ran out of meat sauce

May 20, 2023
everything tasted fresh and was lovely

May 13, 2023
Bought the Philly cheese pizza last night and some cheese sticks. They were great. First time having the cheese sticks and they were phenomenal as well. Is the Philly cheesesteak pizza definitely buy it again